The Aims and objective for which is established are as under

a. To promote cultural, social, and educational activities and to help in collating the moral
values among the Schools Owners.
b. To promote right to Educate about the Rules, Regulation and Compliances of the
Educational Institutions.
c. TO Fight against Discrimination policy of the Government between Government School
and Private Schools
d. TO promote and fight for right to Equality between the Government School and Private
e. TO help the Educational Institutions against the Harassment by the Government
f. TO help and fight against the Government policies which adversely affect the private
Educational Institutions ( Increment in the Regular Expenses )
g. To Help and Fight for Private Educational Institutions to Claim the Government Benefits.
h. To undertake other educational programme, to ensure integrated development of
personality of boys and girls giving more emphases on moral value/ethics.
i. To set up Educational Institution on modern lines in consonance with the norms and ideal
and cater to the academics, cultural, physical, moral, emotional and intellectual needs of
boys and girls.
j. TO Promote and Increase the Coordination between the Educational Institutions ( Like
School, Coaching Centre, NTT Centre, Colleges and other Educational Institutions).
k. To give and to seek assistance from registered society’s., societies relief fund or other
bodies for furthering the objectives of the society or at the time of natural calamities for organizing, relief work by organizing relief team, sending volunteers, collecting donation,
medicines, clothes, food grains, etc and disbursing the same to the victim of calamity.
l. To do all such other lawful activities as the society consider conductive to the attainment
of all or any of the above objective.
m. Promotion of national unity and international place and amity.
n. Promotion of communal and social harmony and brotherhood;
o. To work for the cause of enforcement of prohibition and initiate people’s movement against
smoking, alcoholism and drug abuse;
p. To create awareness and addressing some of the social evils, such as, female foeticide, dowry,
extravagant expenditure on social function like marriages, empowerment of women in
decision making etc.
q. Promotion and progress of agriculture and animal husbandry;
r. To take up programs for accelerating the place of rural development with application of
science and technology (techniques and technologies for cost reduction, improving
productivity, etc ) especially in the field of water conservation, sanitation, low-cost housing,
agriculture and animal husband and engineering source;
s. To take up programs for ensuring protection of environment and regeneration of natural
resource degraded due to past neglects;
t. Promotion and extension of appropriate technology including system having renewable source
of energy;
u. Promotion of cottage and small scale industries by taking up action research work;
v. To take up programs in which science and technology may have major role in improving life,
working condition and opportunities for gainful employment of woman.
w. To engage in delivery of citizen services in a transparent manner with use of information and
communication technology,
x. To undertake impact evaluation of economic and social projects.
y. To undertake programs which ensure razing of income levels and expanding employment
opportunities of the weaker section of the society particularly of those living below the
poverty line and women by in involving participants in the planning implementation and
maintenance of activities taken up.
z. To organize disadvantaged section of society and taken 1.step for increasing their level of
awareness in regards to the programmer contents and facilities there in under government
/non government programs legal provision etc and also for increasing their bargaining power
by promoting co-operative and group action
aa. To take up all formal and non-formal educational programme as per directives contained in
the national policy of eduaction,1986
bb. To work for Promotion of sports and health care activities.
cc. To raise or acquire funds or property from central government state government , nongovernment agencies charitable trusts by way of donation or grants or contribution or by
taking loan from public and private financial institution the funds properties ,assets and all
other resource present and future, of the society shall be utilized for any or all the purposes
or objects of the society as stated above and also for all other similar activities in furtherance
of ideals of truest and non -violence.



a) The income and property of the society shall be applied solely towards the promotion of
the objective of the society as set forth in the Memorandum of Society and no portion
thereof shall be paid or transfer directly or indirectly by way of dividend, bonus, or
otherwise by way of profit, to the member of the Society.

b) No member of the Society shall be appointed to any salaried office of the Society or any
office of the Society paid by fees, that no remuneration shall be given by the Society to any
member except repayment of out of pocket expenses and interest on money, lent or rent
for premises demises to the society.

c) The Society by its Constitution is required to apply its profit, if any, or other income in
promoting its objective.

d) If upon the winding up or dissolution of Society there remains after satisfaction of all its
debts and liabilities, any property whatsoever, the same shall not be paid to or distributed
among the member of the society, but shall be given or transferred to some other
institution having object similar to the object of the society to be determined by the
member of the Society at or before the time of dissolution